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Powercontrol 8

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The most widely used power controller by professional teams thanks to its reliability and ease of use. Powercontrol 8 will help you improve your training.

Delivery in 10 days approximately.

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The German brand SRM offers us a device that focuses on the needs of people who practice cycling.

Powercontrol 8, in addition to the more common and frequent values (such as heart rate, speed or power), calculates peak training metrics such as TSS (Training Stress Score(r)), NP (Normalised Power) and IF (Intensity Factor) and displays them on the screen.

It is equipped with a GPS system, which allows to save the route completed, and allows to configure the screen to show the data that is more relevant to each cyclist.

The device has a backlit display that makes it easy to read in any light. Display light can be turned off to prolong battery life, which ranges between 10 and 45 hours.

With a 500 MB memory, it has the capacity to store up to 4000 hours of training.

This product has a delivery time of approximately 10 days.



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