The American company Fortiori Design LLC develops the MOXY brand to help athletes optimise their training, reach their performance potential and achieve their personal best. The MOXY monitor is used by athletes, coaches, physical trainers, universities and High Performance Centres (HPC).


MOXY is a small, portable sensor that allows you to monitor athletes’ muscle oxygen levels while they exercise. MOXY measures SmO2 in real time and in a non-invasive way.

With the MOXY Monitor, you will control your workouts. You will never train in the dark again.

The sensor is equipped with a unique algorithm that allows to achieve extreme SmO2 measurements and has the capacity to store, in the sensor itself, up to 6 hours of data for subsequent transmission and analysis on a computer.

Never lose your data: store it on your computer and/or in your cloud.

MOXY is designed for athletes of any discipline, such as triathlon, motocross, rugby, cycling, etc., and integrates perfectly with most Garmin devices through the Garmin IQ app.

MOXY is a muscle oxygen monitor with a long history of success.

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