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Saver One Basic Defibrillator


The Saver One Basic semi-automatic defibrillator has guided CPR with clear and concise voice instructions. It can be used in both adults and children with paediatric pads.


The Saver One Basic Semi-Automatic Defibrillator (SAED) is intended for public use, and provides safe and fast support. Its ease of use makes it highly effective. Our recommendation is that it should always be used by people with a minimum of CPR rescue training.

It has a mini LCD screen that always shows the battery percentage and, in addition to voice instructions, instructions also appear on the mini LCD screen, which is very convenient in noisy and/or chaotic environments.

With the “INFO” button, we can find out the status of the Saver One Basic defibrillator and its battery, and we can also change the language.

This device has directed CPR with clear and concise voice instructions, as well as icons that light up to help the rescuer during the entire CPR manoeuvre. It also provides instructions and audio signals with a metronome so that the rescuer knows the appropriate number and frequency of chest compressions.

Saver One Basic detects when paediatric pads are installed and automatically selects a lower power level protocol.


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